Whether you’re a private or public enterprise, the need to protect your personnel, property and customers has never been so great. In fact, the need for surveillance cameras and access control has increased dramatically over the last 10 years. There are many entities that need visual monitoring and controlled access, including banks, schools, homes, apartment complexes, casinos, airports, stores, restaurants and even city streets.

Sometimes just the presence of a video surveillance camera or keycard access pad alone will deter the wrong people from the start. At Systems Connect, Inc. we have the products and systems to fit every size business, such as covert (hidden) or overt (open-viewed) cameras. These video surveillance systems can be designed to utilize different cameras, connected via either traditional hard wire and/or wireless means. Camera types include fixed angle and PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) to adjust the view accordingly.

We have the ability to set up multiple cameras in increments of 16 per system, with central control for monitoring locally by your security staff as well as remotely by any authorized person via their PC or smart phone. Digital recording can be limitless if need be by the use of external storage devices allowing replay of events for weeks or months past. Easy to use programs allow for simple search criteria to recover the desired event.

Access Control, just like the deadbolt on the front door of your home is what allows certain people to come in and keeps others out. Through a variety of proven methods including everything from keys to biometrics, Systems Connect, Inc. is able to safeguard your premises from unwanted or unauthorized entry. Depending upon the sensitivity of the area ranging from the driveway entrance to the door knob of a secure room Systems Connect, Inc. will design your system to fit your needs. Couple this with E-mail and cell phone alerts when an alarm is triggered and all will be protected.

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