Besides good friends and great food, bars are also known for their audio visual experience. Crisp and clear HDTV married with speakers and sub-woofers producing the best sound is what helps to give a bar its appeal. We specialize in customizing you’re A/V system with multiple zones of audio and TV channel selection with one or more inputs. Controlling all these devices can be as simple as using a single touch screen, several wall controllers or any combination thereof.

Any astute business manager is forever managing expenses while at the same time continuing to provide personal interaction with employees and customers. With the rising cost of travel more companies are incorporating video conferencing as a standard form of communication. At Systems Connect, Inc. we can help bring all parties together on one or more screens including interactive white board and local or remote presentations. We can turn high technology within your conference room or training center into simple reality.

Let’s not forget about schools. They are using the latest technology these days as well. In most cases the morning announcement and news programs are now video-based and in need of a central control system. Teachers’ use of visual interpretations for their lessons either via typical projection and/or smart boards has virtually replaced the chalk and blackboard of years past. Incorporating the latest video technology into your business or school is now regarded more so as a necessity rather than a privilege.

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