There are many types of sound systems and the key to achieving good sound is to match your specific needs with the appropriate equipment. Whether your business is a bar, restaurant, club, or church each entity has its own unique characteristics from the height of the ceiling to the age of the clientele. Systems Connect, Inc. will consider all aspects and custom design your system to produce the optimal sound quality you expect at a price you can afford.

By incorporating multiple sources ranging from an iPod to Sirius Radio, we can create individual zones to separately accommodate parties, events or meetings. For those occasions when your establishment caters to a single venue, all zones can become one through a master control. Visiting bands or DJ’s can use their own equipment and connect to your house speakers with one cable.

What about listening to your favorite background music played while you shop? Installing a background system is more complicated than you think. You need the professionals at Systems Connect, Inc. to assure you have the proper amplification to power the correct number of speakers. It’s been test proven that people’s moods adjust to the type of music played and the volume it’s played at. With the proper atmosphere of background music, your patrons will realize an experience they will want to repeat.

Paging is also a huge part of the business world today in many different industries. Are you a large company in need of contacting team members from various departments? What about a bar with lots of noise? You want to make sure your employees and your patrons can hear the announcement if and when their name is called. Systems Connect, Inc. can install a basic all call or zone paging system and/or one that overrides the music so that your business needs can continue amongst the fun.

Choose Systems Connect, Inc. as your vendor of choice for all your communications needs. You’ll be glad you did.

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