Caffrey’s Tavern Steak House

Forked River, NJ

Caffrey’s Tavern Steak House offers visitors a tavern experience or restaurant dining. The tavern is popular with diners and sports patrons, offers live music Thursday evenings, and hosts a DJ and a radio station (WJRD Oldies 100) once monthly on different days.

Business Need

Caffrey’s had an older, lower quality sound system that was not zoned for the various sections of the tavern and was not interruptible for paging patrons waiting for tables in either the tavern area or outside. The existing system consisted of seven Yamaha surface-mount speakers, an Integra amplifier and four public address ceiling speakers.

Business Solution

Systems Connect installed five JBL 29AV1 surface-mount speakers, among the best on the market for projecting sound, one of which was placed outside.

Installed six JBL 328CT flush-mount premier speakers in the dining and waiting areas.

Installed one Zone Pro DBX640 Pre-Amp Mixer to provide connection of up to four sources that can be individually zoned and controlled.

Established three zones with individual volume controls – in the bar, dining room and waiting areas. This allows separate audio in each area, with audio in the bar and waiting area interruptible for paging.

Provided a Shure wireless microphone to be used by the restaurant hostess for table seating, as well as general announcements such as upcoming events, dinner specials, etc.

Installed a TOA four-channel amplifier to provide power to three zones, and integrated an input for the DJ and radio station to channel music through the house speakers selectively. The Zone Pro 640 has signal inhibitor programming that regulates the input level to prevent damage to the equipment.

Integrated television audio into the house speakers (selectively), primarily for sporting events.
Provided full training on operation and maintenance.

Business Accommodation

Three installers worked three days 2 a.m. to 11 a.m. to accommodate the tavern’s operations, which are seven days weekly.

The client knew they needed an upgrade to an essential component of their business and trusted Systems Connect for guidance on specifications.

Systems connect completed the job on time and within budget.

Quality design, installation and equipment results in voice, data and audio/visual systems and networks that meet our clients’ expectations – as well as ours.

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