Everest Re Group, Ltd.

Liberty Corner, NJ

Everest Re Goup, Ltd, is a world leader in property and casualty reinsurance and insurance, with offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Business Need

Business growth has required Everest to expand its Liberty Corner office space ongoing since 2001. All expansion has taken place in the same building, which has two wings each consisting of four floors. Everest initially occupied the first three floors of the east wing.

Business Solution

August 2001 – Everest expands into the fourth floor of the east wing. Systems Connect wires the floor for voice and data – telephone and computers. Running more than 300 Category 5E cable runs, Systems Connect establishes a single-media wiring method. While Category 3 cable is standard for voice, Category 5E is used for both voice and data because Everest requires flexibility in its open-air environment – such as conversion of a cubicle into a printer station.

June 2004 – Systems Connect completely rewires the second floor during renovation, installing more than 400 category 5E cable runs. The project was performed in quadrants on a weekend in coordination with the furniture vendor.

May 2005 – Everest is at full capacity in the east wing. The company secures temporary space in the west wing and requires redundant backbone connections from east to west. Systems Connect installs two 12-strand fiber optic cables for voice, data and security routed separately to enable recovery in the event of disaster. Everest employs Spanning Tree protocol for rerouting its data network in case of failure.

September 2005 – Everest renovates the third floor and makes a corporate decision to upgrade from category 5E to Category 6. Systems Connect installs more than 350 category 6 cable runs.

September 2006 – Everest renovates the third floor and half the fourth floor of the west wing. Systems Connect installs more than 500 category 6 cable runs and a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) for backup for voice and data. Systems Connect installs Cisco 1130 AG wireless access points in Oberon ceiling-mounted enclosures; fiber optic cable between floors and a separate fiber optic backbone to an Information Technology Lab. To allow for growth, one Category 3, 300-pair backbone cable was installed between floors to provide voice service for the employees located on the fourth floor.

As Everest requires a single media concept, Systems Connect employs a hybrid patch cord specially designed to accommodate voice connections to the customer in a totally patched environment. As Everest’s needs change, adapting the systems and networks entail simply unplugging a patch cord using documents Systems Connect provides Everest IT personnel.

In total, Systems Connect installs more than 1,500 cable runs for Everest.

Business Accommodation

Systems Connect worked off-hours and in coordination with other outside vendors and Everest personnel to meet installation schedules and minimize disruption to operations. In some cases, employees were able to leave their workstations on Friday evenings and return Monday to a fully operational office.

Systems Connect planned for system and network expansion in the voice and data package it designed for Everest Re Group, allowing for future growth with minimal additional investment and work.

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