Systems Connect, Inc. has a long history of voice communication and is of course familiar with using the PSTN or VoIP solutions now in place. With PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) we use the existing telephone company’s network to deliver your phone services. With VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), telephone calls are placed over the Internet. If you have multiple locations, the power of the Internet allows us to establish a private network for inter-office communication. This new form of placing telephone calls enables employees from anywhere in the country to communicate by means of their own virtual office.

Systems Connect, Inc. is able to help with setting up multiline extensions, conference call capabilities, call-forwarding, telephone/video conferencing, as well as music and/or promotional information for your callers listening pleasure while they’re on hold.

Voicemail is another element of great importance to Systems Connect, Inc. We have a myriad of voice mail options for your company. Are you interested in recording a separate voicemail for after hours? No problem. Do you have multiple companies sharing the same office space? There’s no need to buy separate systems. One unit can handle multiple greetings and treat them all individually.

Certain systems allow the caller to select another language (typically Spanish) to hear the same menu that is played in English. Several options are available for personal messaging including “out of office” as well as forwarding calls to the user’s cell phone. Whatever your need, Systems Connect, Inc. is there to help you achieve it.

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